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Exclaiming Questions in Tandem

5 January
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IDEK. I keep putting things in this blurb-box, but then I come back months later and look at it and everything's wrong and different.

Conclusion: I need to stop upgrading my personality.

I live in a house with 6 cats despite the fact that I'm allergic to them. They're good cats though, sweet. Like staring out windows, a lot. One of them is snoring really loudly, right now though, and it's really distracting.

I like to write; but the most I ever seem to write are little short stories that barely ever exceed 2000 words. I'd like to write an actual, multi-chaptered story one day (be it original or fanfiction), but I seem to like the planning process more than I like the writing process of big projects like that.

Besides that, though, I enjoy roleplay and reading fanfiction - please feel free to force the former on me and recommend the latter.

I mock the things I love. Endlessly. TV Shows, movies, books, characters; if I like it, it will be mocked, and I will usually find somebody else to help me mock it.

I like theorizing, too. Theorizing and postulating, both the ridiculous and the conceivable. I have theories about all my favorite characters. It's a futile endeavor to try and stop me from theorizing. My favorite thing to do is to take two completely unrelated objects and find a common link between them, and then create a hypothesis around them. It's good fun.

I am not in college or university though I'm aiming to start sometime soon; I have no idea what I want to do, but I figure it'll come to me eventually.

I'm community-shy; I love watching communities, but I can never get up the bravery to integrate myself in such awesome places. ;_;